Prints Rules


We accept  Digital Prints including Phone Images & Darkroom Prints.

A Maximum of 4 prints per Theme – 5 themes – enter 16 prints and don’t pay entry fee for any over this amount.

All Prints must be your own work & you have rights to all images.

Previously Accepted Prints (or Similar) may only be used once in the exhibition this includes the Triptych Theme.

The same print can only be entered into one section, this includes the Triptych.

Mounted Prints 

All mounts must be 50x40cm – foam board will not fit our hanging system.

Un Mounted Prints 

Un mounted Prints must be presented on an A4 or A3 sheet of paper only.

All Awarded & Accepted Un Mounted Prints will be displayed in a Book format at the Exhibition Venues.

Digital Images Guidelines

The reason we ask for a pdi copy of your print is for the catalogue & webpage.

please, remove black backgrounds

images 900 px on the longest side.

Triptych – please use a white background if any – this saves us cutting it out.

Thanks for our help