Theme Definitions


Anything Goes –  it is what it says on the box – any image on any theme. Open 

Creatures of the World – any real creature that was alive or was once alive. No Toys or Sculptures etc. No People

Environment – the focal point of the image must be. ‘scapes, architecture, dereliction, sculptures, street art,  environmental issues, transport, anything that shows where we live or interact with. People & Animals must only show scale or add and not the focal point. 

Humanity – People in all their environments, activities and emotions. People or people related connections must be the focal point.

Triptych – Three Individual Images 

A set of three associated images intended to be appreciated together, that show a story, relationship or theme that covers the three images.  This does not include a single Image cut by a frame. 

The only restriction on the arrangement of the triptych’s three images is that they must not meet or overlap.There is no requirement that the three images must be either the same size or the same shape.No Background Images as it makes it a 4th Image.