2018 Results

 Author  Title  Award  ClassName
 Adrian Lines MPAGB FBPE  Eagle Hunters  Member BPE Ribbon  Anything Goes
   Mountains In The Clouds  Member BPE Ribbon  Environment
   Missing  Member Certificate  Humanity
   Chess    Anything Goes
   Man And Dog    Humanity
   Lifting Weights    Anything Goes
   Illuminated    Humanity
   Horses In Surf    Creatures of the World
   Cuban Ballet    Triptych
   Castle Stalker    Environment
   Bull Run    Anything Goes
 Al Buntin ARPS MPAGB  The Countess And Georgie    Anything Goes
   Little Brown Bag    Anything Goes
   On The Count Of Two    Anything Goes
 Alan Lomakin CPAGB BPE1   Admiring Beauty    Anything Goes
   Old But In Good Working Order    Humanity
   Too Shy    Anything Goes
 Alison Fryer DPAGB EFIAPs BPE5  Freesia Trio    Anything Goes
   Autumns Colour Palette    Environment
 Andy Fryer DPAGB EFIAPg BPE5  Tom At Home  Gold Award  Humanity
   Coal Conveyors  Silver Award  Environment
   Steps  Certificate  Environment
   Coming And Going    Anything Goes
   The Wash Room    Anything Goes
 Andy Polakowski DPAGB EFIAPb AWPF  BPE4   One Day Old  Silver Award  Creatures of the World
   Protecting The Young    Creatures of the World
   Boy Band    Humanity
 Ann Healey ARPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE2   Stairway To Heaven  SRGB Keyring  Anything Goes
   Common Toad    Anything Goes
   Crested Tit In Snow  Certificate  Creatures of the World
   Japanese Macaques Grooming    Creatures of the World
   Waves  Bronze Award  Triptych
 Annette Hockney CPAGB BPE3   The Hatter And The Dormouse    Anything Goes
   Ill Watch Your Back    Creatures of the World
   Yellowstone Coyote On Alert  Certificate  Creatures of the World
   King Penguins  BPE Ribbon  Creatures of the World
   Antarctic Coastline With Gentoo Penguins    Environment
 Barrie Glover ARPS  DPAGB  BPE3  Spittal Beach Sandstone    Environment
 Bob Humphreys DPAGB  BPE2  Sibling Rivalry    Creatures of the World
 Brian Mcclure DPAGB  AFIAP  LRPS  LIPF  BPE3  Got It    Anything Goes
   The Final Hurdle    Humanity
 Carol Mcniven Young FRPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE2   Free Me    Anything Goes
   The Mad Hatter    Humanity
 Carol Tipping FRPS EFIAP  Looking At The Donkey    Triptych
 Carol Watson BPE2   Watchful  BPE Ribbon  Creatures of the World
   Across The Plains    Creatures of the World
   Regal Stare    Creatures of the World
   Gotcha    Creatures of the World
 Carolyn Whetton   The Groynes – New Brighton    Environment
   Have Trolley Will Travel    Humanity
 Chris Ellison ARPS DPAGB EPSA BPE4   The Guardian  SRGB Ribbon  Anything Goes
 Christine Johnson DPAGB BPE5  Ozzys Tongue    Creatures of the World
   I Wanted That    Creatures of the World
   Blue Berg    Environment
   Calving Iceberg    Environment
   Look  Member BPE Ribbon  Humanity
   Her Indoors    Humanity
 Christine Wood BPE 1   Morning Light On Red Stag    Creatures of the World
   Penmon Lighthouse    Environment
   Just One Look    Humanity
 Clare Drew   Dance Protege    Humanity
   Kathak Dance Moves  SRGB Ribbon  Triptych
   Alliums    Triptych
 Colin Close LRPS  BPE5  CPAGB  AFIAP  The Syndicate    Humanity
 Dave Taylor BPE 2  CAPGB  Long Tailed Tit On Fair Cones    Creatures of the World
 David James   Vivian Quarry    Environment
   Communication    Humanity
 David Lyon DPAGB EFIAP BPE2   Harbour Mouth    Environment
   Nice Day For A Cruise  SRGB Keyring  Environment
 David Sadler ARPS  CPAGB  EFIAP  BPE 1  LBIPP  Amsterdam   BPE Ribbon  Environment
   Getting Organised  Certificate  Humanity
   I Wish Id Checked  Bronze Award  Humanity
 David Thomas   Sorrow    Anything Goes
   The Quickstep    Humanity
 Dianne Owen FRPS  Classic Coke    Anything Goes
   Heart    Anything Goes
   Merlyn    Creatures of the World
   Elephant    Creatures of the World
   The Rat    Creatures of the World
   Winter Hare  SRGB Best Print  Creatures of the World
   The Shard  Member SRGB Ribbon  Environment
   Disgusted Dog Walker    Humanity
   Knives Forks And Spoons    Triptych
   Crushed Cans    Triptych
   Rainy Days   Member SRGB Ribbon  Triptych
 Dinah Jayes ARPS MPAGB EFIAP  Shadow Dancing    Anything Goes
   Me And My Shadow  SRGB Ribbon  Anything Goes
   Learning From Mum    Creatures of the World
   Storm Light At Talmont    Environment
   Waiting At The Window    Humanity
   Demure    Humanity
 Eileen Wilkinson ARPS  CPAGB  AFIAP  Blue In Blue    Anything Goes
 Eion Johnston BPE3  FRPS DPAGB  Crouch Down Two  Certificate  Anything Goes
   Dont Listen  SRGB Keyring  Humanity
   Hands Clasp    Humanity
   Berlin 1945    Triptych
 Fred Parkinson CPAGB  Water Sport    Anything Goes
   Side Car Splash    Anything Goes
   Anil    Humanity
   Taking A Break  BPE Ribbon  Humanity
 Glyn Edmunds ARPS  The Caller At No. 6115    Anything Goes
 Hugh Wilkinson MPAGB.ARPS. BPE5  The Voyeur  BPE Ribbon  Anything Goes
   Cat And Mouse  SRGB Ribbon  Creatures of the World
   Rat With Reflection  SRGB Ribbon  Creatures of the World
   Orangutan With Butterfly  SRGB Ribbon  Creatures of the World
   The Family    Humanity
   Ladies Square Portraits    Triptych
 Jacqui Jay Grafton EFIAPs  BPE5   DPAGB  Call Of The Wild    Anything Goes
   Time Waits For No One    Anything Goes
   Corps De Ballet  Gold Award  Triptych
 Jan Wilson-Chalon BPE1  A New Edition To The Pixie Family    Anything Goes
 Jane Lee CPAGB EFIAP  Bison In A Snowstorm  BPE Ribbon  Creatures of the World
   Lone Tree In The Snow    Environment
   Bison On The Ridge  Judges Award  Environment
   Sea Pool At Sunset    Environment
   Canadian Rockies  Bronze Award  Environment
 Jane M  Lines MPAGB  LRPS  BPE5   Mans Best Friend  Member BPE Ribbon  Anything Goes
   Young Eagle Hunter    Anything Goes
   Clowning Around    Anything Goes
   Young Eagle Huntress    Anything Goes
   Parakeets Bathing    Creatures of the World
   Juvenile Night Heron Catches Crab    Creatures of the World
   The Oldest Eagle Hunter    Humanity
   The King Of Blackpool    Humanity
   The Grand Duchess Of Havana  Member Certificate  Humanity
   Armadillo Roll    Triptych
   Indian Farming Families    Triptych
   Ballet  Member SRGB Ribbon  Triptych
 Janet Davies AFIAP  BPE2   CPAGB  AWPF    Beths Lamb  Judges Award  Humanity
 Jennifer  M Webste BPE2 CPAGB  Boxing Hares    Anything Goes
   Vixen Dune Fox    Anything Goes
   Red Squirrel Foraging In Rain    Creatures of the World
 Jeremy Broome-smith DPAGB. BPE 3   Kingfisher    Creatures of the World
   View From The Artists Window  Certificate  Environment
   Birling Gap     Environment
   Atlantic Storm   BPE Ribbon  Environment
   Coulmeenoole Beach    Environment
 John Bell LRPS EFIAP AWPF DPAGB BPE4   Surf Championships    Anything Goes
   Mother And Child     Anything Goes
   Waiting    Humanity
   The Race Is Over At Oulton Park    Humanity
 Joyce Streets BPE4   DPAGB  Mountain Hare    Creatures of the World
 Judi Dicks ARPS DPAGB BPE5   Rainy Day In Galicia  Judges Award Niamh  Anything Goes
   Meeting Place    Anything Goes
   The Stripe Collector    Anything Goes
   On Their Way To The Ministry    Humanity
   Grumpy    Humanity
   Fashion Victims    Humanity
 Kean Brown ARPS ABPE   Foundrymen At Work    Anything Goes
   Shades Of Grey  SRGB Ribbon  Anything Goes
   The Night Watchman    Humanity
   Indian Elephants At Play    Triptych
   Leda And The Swan  Certificate  Triptych
 Keith Richardson BPE 2   The Champion Of Yorkshire    Humanity
 Ken Ainscow DPAGB  BPE4   Shire Horse Head    Creatures of the World
   Black Rhino    Creatures of the World
   Fleetwood Whalers  Member Certificate  Environment
   Shire Horse Juges    Humanity
   Dueling Scar  Member SRGB Ribbon  Humanity
 Laurie Campbell LIPF  Squirrelling Away    Creatures of the World
   Wrapped Up In Nature  SRGB Keyring  Humanity
 Linda Bell LRPS DPAGB AWPF BPE4 EFIAP  The Broken Mallet    Anything Goes
   Silver Studded Blues    Anything Goes
   Hydrangeas In A Vase  SRGB Keyring  Anything Goes
   Downhill Slide    Humanity
   Keeping Warm  Life On The Streets    Humanity
   Female Peacock Tree Frogs    Triptych
   Dragonflies    Triptych
 Lorraine Hardy   Dark Angel  Silver Award  Anything Goes
   Light Waves    Anything Goes
 Lynda Haney Top Score Award  Passing By    Anything Goes
   Sleeping  Judges Award Judith  Creatures of the World
   Elephant Family    Creatures of the World
   In An English Country Garden  SRGB Ribbon  Environment
   Dream    Humanity
   Memorial  BPE Ribbon  Humanity
   Checking The Landing    Humanity
   Adult Life Of A Damselfly    Triptych
   Orangutan Expressions  Silver Award  Triptych
   Marguerites    Triptych
   Three Baby Birds  SRGB Keyring  Triptych
 Maggie Bullock LRPS  Welsh Pony    Anything Goes
   Sea Eagle    Creatures of the World
   Male Stonechat    Creatures of the World
 Marcia Mellor DPAGB BPE5   Winter Wonderland  SRGB Keyring  Creatures of the World
   Curiousity  Gold Award  Creatures of the World
   Glen Etive Autumn    Environment
   The Fairy Pools    Environment
   Freedom  SRGB Ribbon  Humanity
   Flour Power    Humanity
   Waiting For Walkies    Triptych
 Marion Rapier ARPS  EFIAPb BPE4  Riding The Dust    Anything Goes
 Martin Fry FRPS EFIAPg AV-EFIAP ABPE APAGB  Snow Covered    Environment
   Who Cares    Humanity
 Mary Gibson DPAGB;BPE3 ;LRPS  Hill Top Farm Tuscany    Anything Goes
   Watching And Waiting    Anything Goes
   Nuthatch    Creatures of the World
   Two Eyes On The Deal    Humanity
 Michele Martin   The Shoeing    Anything Goes
 Mike Troth   Captive In The Cellar    Anything Goes
   Lonliness    Humanity
 Neil Hulme   View From A Bridge  Bronze Award  Anything Goes
 Neil Scott FRPS EFIAPs  The House On The Hill    Environment
   The Reluctant Pose    Humanity
   Best Foot Forward    Humanity
 Nicholas Hilton EFIAPb DPAGB BPE5  At Home With The Family    Humanity
 Noel Morgan AFIAP BPE2   Early Morning Freight Train    Anything Goes
 Noel Patterson BPE3  DPAGB  Dismounting The Parallel Bars    Anything Goes
   First Head Up After 100 Meters Start    Anything Goes
   Split Jump Over Beam    Anything Goes
   Holding Steady On The Rings    Humanity
 Oliver Doree CPAGB  Fruit Slices    Triptych
 Pam Sherren BPE5  DPAGB EFIAPp  Lady In Red    Anything Goes
   In The Clouds    Anything Goes
   Harvest Mice  Certificate  Creatures of the World
   After The Storm    Environment
   Trees In The Snow  SRGB Keyring  Environment
   Skeletal Trees Yellowstone  Gold Award  Environment
   The Gang    Humanity
   In Flanders Fields    Triptych
   Cricket    Triptych
 Paul Jay ARPS DPAGB BPE 4  School Photo Herding Cats    Anything Goes
   Norwegian Coastal Lighthouse    Environment
   The Chapel At Miramar    Environment
   Careful With The Cutthroat  BPE Ribbon  Humanity
   My First Gig  Silver Award  Humanity
 Pete Smith DPAGB EFIAP BPE4 ARPS  Ice Beach Storm Approaching 3    Environment
   Mother And Baby    Humanity
   On Your Marks Getset Breakfast    Triptych
 Peter Benson CPAGB  City Halls Curves    Anything Goes
   Waiting For Dawn  SRGB Keyring  Anything Goes
   Two Am And All Is Well    Environment
   Night Shift    Environment
 Peter Brisley ARPS  DPAGB  The Round Up    Humanity
   Equestrian Eagle Hunter    Humanity
   Three Generations    Triptych
 Peter Campion DPAGB  AFIAP  BPE4   Chicken Legs With Flies  Certificate  Anything Goes
   Relaxing  SRGB Ribbon  Humanity
 Peter Knight CPAGB  Frisky Fellow  Certificate  Anything Goes
   Chase On    Anything Goes
 Peter Rees BPE 5  FRPS EFIAPp MPAGB  Dingle Dawn    Anything Goes
 Philip Barker ARPS CPAGB BPE3   Reflecting    Anything Goes
   Elephant Calves    Creatures of the World
   Rosemary Beetle    Creatures of the World
   The Look  Member Certificate  Humanity
   Summer F;owers    Triptych
 Ralph Duckett MPAGB EFIAP APAGB BPE3   Hazardous Travel    Anything Goes
   The Red Hat    Anything Goes
   Dawn Light  SRGB Keyring  Environment
   Autumn Carpet    Environment
   Age Of Knowledge    Humanity
 Ray Girling CPAGB  Dance For Me    Anything Goes
   Come Into My Parlour  Certificate  Humanity
 Richard Cherry ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE5  Winter Grasses  SRGB Ribbon  Environment
   Trishaw Ride In Rain    Humanity
 Richard Spurdens EFIAPp  DPAGB  BPE4   The Sword Mistress    Humanity
   Aerial Hoop Balance Shapes    Triptych
   Fashion Shapes In The Corner    Triptych
   Making Shapes In The Air    Triptych
 Richard Towell DPAGB BPE2  Leaping Squirrel    Creatures of the World
 Rikki O’Neil  Skaters Central Park  Gold Award  Anything Goes
   Wild Rose  BPE Ribbon  Anything Goes
   Visage    Anything Goes
   Girl And Her Horse    Anything Goes
 Rob Hockney DPAGB  BPE5   Elephant Seal And Pup    Creatures of the World
   Dead Calm – Antarctica    Environment
   A Career In The Ring    Humanity
   Harvest Mice    Triptych
   Hunting Coyotes    Triptych
 Robert Jones EFIAPs BPE3  Goblin Child    Anything Goes
 Robin Price   Indian Double Shield Mantis    Creatures of the World
 Rod Wheelans  MPAGB MFIAP FIPF  Lines And Curves    Anything Goes
   In The Frame    Humanity
 Ross Mckelvey MPAGB FIPF EFIAPp FBPE  The White Feather    Anything Goes
   Madame Butterfly    Anything Goes
   Post Brexit    Anything Goes
   Autumn Dove    Anything Goes
   Tassles    Humanity
   Sara In Blue  SRGB Ribbon  Humanity
 Sharon Prenton Jones DPAGB  BPE4  FIAPs  Victorian England    Humanity
   City Slicker    Humanity
   Workhouse Master  SRGB Keyring  Humanity
 Sharon Sawyer CPAGB  Budakirkja    Environment
   Snowbound    Environment
   Avenue Victor Hugo Paris    Environment
 Stephen Jones LRPS CPAGB  Watching    Anything Goes
   Go    Humanity
 Stephen Lee CPAGB AFIAP  Lone Red Fox  Bronze Award  Creatures of the World
   Bald Eagle In The Snow    Creatures of the World
   Yellowstone Coyote    Creatures of the World
   Kootenay Valley Snowstorm    Environment
   Reine Norway    Environment
 Steve Proctor DPAGB BPE3  Silverback  SRGB Keyring  Creatures of the World
   Whispering Waifs    Humanity
   Alone    Humanity
 Steven Le Prevost FRPS FIPF AFIAP MPAGB  Rebecca And Aimee With Sofie  BPE Ribbon  Anything Goes
   Louis And His Dog    Anything Goes
   Harold    Anything Goes
   Armano  SRGB Keyring  Environment
   Comfort  Certificate  Environment
 Sue Critchlow LRPS  Fleeing The Storm    Anything Goes
   Camargue Gallop    Anything Goes
 Sue Green ARPS  DPAGB  Lost In Thought    Creatures of the World
 Sue Oconnell ARPS  EFIAPp  DPAGB  BPE5   Mother Love    Creatures of the World
   Little Goatherd  Certificate  Humanity
   Bedouin Babysitter    Humanity
 Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAPb DPAGB BPE 3  Glen Etive    Environment
   Wet Day    Humanity
 Tim Hearn AFIAP  Booted Racket Tails Competing    Creatures of the World
   Gentoo Penguin Porpoising    Creatures of the World
 Tim Sawyer CPAGB AFIAP  Symmetree Blue    Anything Goes
   Symmetree Fire    Anything Goes
   Argentinian Ornate Horned Frog    Creatures of the World
   Lone Tree  SRGB Ribbon  Environment
   Monster Photo Booth  BPE Ribbon  Triptych
 Tom Dodd FIPF DPAGB FRPS  Glyder Fawr  SRGB Keyring  Environment
   Horde Dealer    Humanity
 Tom Richardson ARPS EFIAPg DPAGB BPE5  Skiddaw  BPE Ribbon  Environment
 Victoria Andrews CPAGB  Frank  SRGB Keyring  Anything Goes
   Bengal Cat    Anything Goes
 Wendy Stowell   After The Storm    Environment
   The Frenchman    Humanity
   Porridge    Humanity
   The Old Dinorwig Quarry Hospital    Triptych